Why you should take a career break and Travel the World

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It’s not everybody’s cup of tea but most people I speak to say they would love to Travel the World. Then when I ask why they don’t just do it, I’m met with too many excuses. Sure, I agree that it’s not easy to just put everything down, jump on a plane and not return for a year. However with some careful planning, breaking down the old self-made mental barriers, and some shrewd saving, it certainly is something that you can achieve.

This article is based on my experience having gave up my job in my late twenties (which was high earning and a progressive career opportunity), rented my apartment out, severed many more ties and then jumped on a plane to South East Asia. Something inside me issued a stark reminder that life is too short and if I don’t do it now, when will I ever do it. So I took the leap, focused on all the positives and basically made it happen. Exactly a year later I returned an improved and more open person which resulted in me creating a new business which became very successful and gave me freedom in my life. I wholeheartedly credit most of that success to the fact that I went travelling around the world.

Here are some great reasons on Why you should take a career break and Travel the World:

  1. You will ‘live life’ fully in the present moment
  2. You will see so many wonderful sights and experience amazing things
  3. You will discover and appreciate new cultures
  4. You will learn new languages
  5. You will gain important perspectives in life
  6. You will make many new friends
  7. You will return wiser, smarter and open to new opportunities
  8. You will feel free
  9. You will have an amazing time enjoying yourself
  10. You will be ultimately be happier


It doesn’t mean you need to give up everything and travel the world for a year or more. You can take a series of shorter breaks and have an agreement with your employer to take some time off or even work on your project whilst away.

If you have kids then there’s always the possibility of travelling for six weeks in the summer and present them to many new cultures and growth-orientated experiences. Many families travel and there is always accommodation available on sites such as airbnb.com. It may take more forward planning to make it happen….

Financing such a world trip could be the challenge for many people trying to make the dream a reality, but if you want it enough then there is always a way. Start by cutting out all the costs that you don’t really need and make some sacrifices on nights out or the odd ‘treat’. If you have your own place then consider moving in with other people for a short period. Start saving, and saving hard! Making more money will of course help loads so consider asking for overtime at your job or starting a little side business in your spare time. Stay in touch with my website for more tips on creating new passive income streams, and read my previous post Make Money While you Sleep.

The simple reality is that you don’t really have much time on this earth, and you certainly don’t want to regret things that you didn’t do. Therefore before its too late, start writing down your travel plans now and put the ball in motion for the experience of a lifetime – you won’t regret it!

One Life – Live it

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