I am David Gowans, a proven entrepreneur with a successful business history. My aim is to help other entrepreneurs and business leaders across the world to build their business to a level where they can either sell or exit and enjoy freedom of time and money.

Having already started a business from scratch, built it successfully and then sold it, I have an advantage over other Business Mentors who may only be working with theory. Under my leadership, my old company was polled as one of the fastest growing companies in the country and won business awards based on our excellent people development philosophies. My motto was to “reward those who do the work” and I firmly believed in incentivising staff to perform well and then they would share in the Company’s success. This worked well and proved very successful. So much so, that I retired from work way earlier than I could ever have imagined as a kid growing up in the tough streets of Glasgow.

Now, my lifestyle is to travel to new countries whilst writing my blog, working on my new business book, and providing expert mentoring sessions to clients across the world.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Unlike many other coaches or mentors, I have learned most things in business by actually being successful at them. The proof is in the pudding as they say, and being semi-retired at a young age is a fantastic achievement. I will provide clients with real life experience and advice learned from my success in business, and how I managed to be free from life’s constraints before my 40th birthday.

Blog Article : How to Get your Life Back as a Business Owner

Today, my main focus is to share this knowledge and advice via newsletters and blogs. My purpose is to bring more awareness to people so that they can have the confidence and direction to make big changes in their lives. Normal society puts too much pressure on people, builds fears and limits the belief system of people at an early age. Then people seem to be trapped in this life cycle and generally live an unhealthy and stressful life, work until beyond pension age, and then at the end, they regret not taking action earlier in life. My mission is to help people question their current situation, and challenge them to have more belief that they can make big changes and make their world a better place.