Business Coaching & Mentoring

Having sold my business a few years ago and achieved financial freedom, my aim now is to help business owners and entrepreneurs to effectively build their business and prepare it for sale, or prepare themselves for an exit by stepping up or to the side. Business mentoring is a relationship between you – as an entrepreneur and someone with business experience who is willing to act as a guide. As a successful entrepreneur, I offer guidance and support to help you run, improve and grow your business. I can work with you face to face (based in Scotland) or by Skype, and can be involved on a part time basis to suit your needs and budget. Please contact me for more information and for a free consultation session.

Exit Planning

Do you have an exit plan for your business? Do you know what your final destination is? Many business owners do not plan effectively and never achieve that freedom that they desired when they first started the business. Having done it with my own company, I specialise in helping entrepreneurs to plan effectively so that they can exit their business in the timeframe and conditions they require. Contact Now….

Make Passive Income

Design your Destiny David Gowans

I have achieved another of my life goals by publishing my first book – Design your Destiny – 11 essential steps to building and seliing a company. Buy it Now on Amazon and read about how I successfully build and sold a company and now live the life that I always wanted. Check it out now…

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Business Investment

Every small business finds itself looking for funding at one point or another. Finding the money to expand your established business can be a tricky, time-consuming process. If you are looking for Funding for your business then get in touch to discuss your needs. I am always looking for ambitious companies to get involved and invest in.


I’m David Gowans, a proven entrepreneur and business mentor. My aim is to help people across the world to build their business and live the life they dream of. more